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Welcome To Gurukul Classes IIT

This temple of education was established by Mr. Pradip Kumar Giri the founder chairman of this institution. It is Aurangabad’s most reputed institutefor the preparation of IIT-JEE. It has an excellent record of getting upto 47% of their students selected for IIT where as most institute hardly reach 10% accuracy.

Gurukul classes from an individual tuition centre to an institution as a partnership firm was established in 2009 by me (Giri Sir) & my partner. We started with a dream to achieve 100% result in IIT JEE in the premises -1st floor Sarada arcade, above Syndicate Bank, Padampura, station road. With in two years we produced an unbeatable result in IIT JEE, AIR-105 in general category among all coaching institutes in Aurangabad. This legacy of our success continued till we achieved 47% selection in IIT JEE from our classroom program where as other institutes across India hardly get to 10% selection. Then as we moved on from less number of students to more number of students, we found out that percentage selection of students started to fall.
So now I want to bring back the 100% selection of students rather than taking more number of students & to concentrate fully on less number of students to achieve our dream & I strongly believe that it can be achieved by my special methodology of “study with enjoyment” that has been proven successful by the results of my students past 10 years in Aurangabad. So I believe that Gurukul Classes IIT Division could be the place where my dream of 100% selection could be achieved, which will be record all over Aurangabad & across India.
Gurukul classes IIT Division is at 1st floor, Sarada arcade, above Syndicate Bank, Padampura, Station road since 2009 is our only branch in Aurangabad.
“Education is the main pillar of success suported by some sub pillars like honesty, dedication, good values, knowledge. I just don’t want to strengthen the main pillar but also make the other pillars also strong in order to make the other pillars also strong in order to make the child a good person and bring out his talent and excellance… that’s why I say “Quest for excellance”.
Mr.Pradip Kumar Giri